Unwanted Hand Veins

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One of the most common causes for hands looking aged is unsightly bulging veins.

The causes of such bulging veins are usually genetic, combined with thinning of the overlying skin due to sun damage and other lifestyle factors. Traditionally, most surgeons will opt for phlebectomy and sclerotherapy to treat the hands.

At Dr. A. R. Shamma’s Skin & Laser Clinic, our technique differs from the traditional methods. Pioneered by Dr. Asad Riad Shamma, we employ a technique of endovenous ablation of unwanted hand veins. This is an office-based procedure using local anesthesia.

There is minimal downtime and patients can resume normal activities immediately. Complications are rare and there are no long-term consequences, other than that the ablated veins will not be able to be used in the future for taking blood samples or intravenous line placement (for hospital drips etc.), but arm veins are just as suitable for those purposes.
Unlike varicose veins of the legs, the treated veins on the hand disappear permanently and others do not appear later.


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