Hair disorders leading to hair loss are many. They can affect men and women alike and are encountered in all age groups.

Causes can be divided into genetic, infectious, autoimmune, inflammatory and others.

Genetic causes:
Genetic hair disorders manifest soon after birth. They are usually due to defects in the hair structure. Androgenetic alopecia (AGA) which is the most common type of hair loss also has a genetic basis, but its onset is not until puberty when the body starts producing androgens (male hormones).

More common in the pediatric age group than it is in adults, Tineacapitis is a fungal infection of the scalp that leads to patches of hair loss. It is highly transmissible among children who tend to play very close to each other.

Alopecia areata and discoid lupus are two examples of immune dysregulation leading to patchy hair loss. In alopecia areata the hair loss is reversible and regrowth possible in the great majority of cases. Discoid lupus on the other hand is an example of a scarring alopecia, which means a condition that replaces the hair follicle with a scar. In the event it is not diagnosed and treated soon after its onset, it will lead to permanent hair loss.

This is a group of disorders in which different types of white blood cells surround and attack the hair follicles also leading to scarring alopecia. The causes that lead to this have not been elucidated, but the end result is the same. If the inflammation surrounding the hair follicles is not treated promptly, the patients are left with permanent hair loss.

Here we can include other causes of hair loss, usually transient, due to numerous factors such as: hair styling, pregnancy and delivery, rapid weight loss, major psychological shock, a major physical trauma, drugs (many medications can lead to hair loss), chronic illnesses etc..


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